Bardo on the way!

Bardo on the Way is a journey where reason dissolves and emotions take control, guiding you along the winding roads of Australia in search of the authentic, the unexpected, what makes us vibrate.

Bard, a nomad in constant transformation. A being that navigates between life and death, chaos and order, light and darkness. A wandering photographer who shares his experiences, weaving stories with the threads of destiny.

This trip is not just a tour of a distant country, but an inner journey. A descent into the depths of the being to discover who we really are, beyond masks and social expectations. A song to freedom, adventure and connection with nature.

Along the way one meets oneself and extraordinary characters. People who challenged the norms, who broke with conventions and who lived with passion and intensity. Their stories are a ray of hope in a world that often seems lost.

A journey without maps or compasses, where intuition is the only guide. A journey where emotions will take us to places we never imagined. A trip that will transform us forever


Meeting the Mysterious Old Man: My First Step into the Spiritual Realm | Moto Vlog Ep 1

Sometimes the stories begin, and we don't have anything ready. This is my first step recorded in this history, in Port Douglas. A couple of events led to encountering someone very particular.

The 1st step to change your life
Sometimes the stories begin, and we don't have anything ready. This is my first step recorded in this history, in Port Douglas. A couple of events led to encountering someone very particular.
Fairy Jenny: Secrets to connect with the nature

In the vibrant market of Kuranda, amidst an amalgamation of stalls exuding colors and fragrances, one stood out for its magical essence. There, amidst the crowd, I discovered an extraordinary being: Fairy Jenny, a glimmer of magic embodied in a unique corner. With palpable eagerness, Fairy Jenny was ready to unveil her story of a deep connection with the earth. Her eyes sparkled with the essence of nature, and her presence exuded the very essence of magic that even the most disconnected could perceive. Amidst laughter and melodies floating in the air, Jenny shared her journey, where each step was marked by the dance of the earth and the harmony of music.

Sound Healing: Oden's Wisdom on Harnessing the Power of Music for Spiritual Growth

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary conversation with Oden, a musical maestro and sound healer, as he unveils the profound significance of sound and music in shaping our lives. In this captivating interview, Oden passionately shares his insights into the transformative power of sound, illustrating how it intricately intertwines with our energies, serving as a gateway to connect with a higher entity. Beyond the mere auditory experience, Oden delves into the vibrational language of music, portraying it as a sacred force capable of unlocking new realms of consciousness. Explore the harmonious frequencies that resonate with our inner selves, creating a powerful conduit for spiritual elevation. Join us on this enlightening journey as Oden articulates the role of sound in guiding humanity towards a heightened state of awareness. Discover how music becomes a catalyst for our collective evolution, bridging the gap between the earthly and the divine. This interview goes beyond words; it's an invitation to explore the symphony of existence, where each note contributes to the cosmic melody of our being. Are you ready to tune in and elevate your understanding of sound, music, and the spiritual evolution of our species? Dive into the cosmic frequencies with Oden, where every sound becomes a stepping stone towards a deeper comprehension of ourselves within the vast classroom we call Earth. Embark on this sonic odyssey with Oden, and let the harmonies guide you towards a richer understanding of your spiritual journey.



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